Don’t just dream of flying high on the Internet

Aero Gravity is one of the largest vertical wind tunnels in the world and the only one in Italy. A structure designed that allows anyone, from youngsters to elderlies, to experience flight inside an 8-meter-high crystal cylinder powered by 6 turbines and an air flow that reaches up to 370 km/h. Aero Gravity is the most innovative skydiving system at an international level, perfect for those who want to experience a truly unique emotion.

However, to be ahead of your time in your industry is not enough to dominate the web. In fact, before contacting Naxa, the company’s online presence was not sufficiently explanatory and the brand potential on its website and social media had not been fully reached.

In a few months, Naxa planned a targeted strategy and a unique project that led to the launch of the new website, a blog and to the management of social media, offering high-quality engagement that strengthened the company’s brand image and awareness.

The case study in 3 steps


To enhance online presence


New website and social media


A significant increase in the brand awareness and followers