Demand Generation or Inbound Marketing?

Both are fundamental strategies that can be applied separately or jointly. How?

Demand Generation is sales-centric, while Inbound Marketing is customer-driven. How does this concept translate in practice?

What are the advantages of Demand Generation?

  • Perfect alignment between the marketing team and the sales team
  • Creating interest in a target still unaware
  • Give life, communicate and clarify a need to be satisfied
  • Identify prospects that reflect the target
  • Acquisition of pre-sales data

What are the advantages of inbound marketing?

  • Modern and effective definition of the company on the market
  • Building an effective promotional system
  • Acquiring the attention of users
  • Give visibility to your brand
  • Acquisition of data and information on the target throughout the sales phase

Demand Generation and Inbound Marketing work in synergy to lead to increased sales and profits.