All successful companies get to know their customers thanks to the development of their Buyer Personas. And you know yours?

Don’t you know who the Buyer Personas are? They represent the realistic portrait of the ideal consumer, an indispensable marketing tool. But how do you identify them?

Buyer Personas: how do I identify them?

Before purchasing any product, the consumer goes through three stages:

  • Awareness: discovery of a need
  • Consideration: definition of the problem and consideration of the available options
  • Decision: choosing the best solution

By identifying the Buyer Personas you can trace the ideal consumer.

What benefits will I have after identifying my Buyer Personas?

  • A deep knowledge of the needs of potential customers and their expectations
  • The opportunity to create really useful content to attract potential customers
  • A greater consumer confidence
  • The ability to place yourself on the market efficiently
  • An increase in sales and profits.