Welcome, innovator! Naxa is looking for someone just like you. 

Team work: because together is the only time we’re unbeatable

Teamwork is a fundamental component of success in all our projects. Each of us has the chance to contribute their own talent and intuition, with the ultimate aim of bringing to life truly complete solutions… also in terms of know-how. 

Team Building: feeling good together, always

Harmony is an integral part of day to day life at Naxa, generated not just by attentive and positive communication, but also by numerous Team Building activities we take part in each year. Being together is a pleasure for us. At the office and after work. 

Smile awhile and have some fun: those who don’t laugh, don’t win

Five a side football, lunches, aperitifs, buffet suppers and company dinners are just some activities we organise out of office hours. We do this to strengthen the bond between team members, and because having fun is fundamental for working and living  better. 

Paths for growth: constant evolution

If ever there was a sector in constant evolution, it is ours: the digital world travels faster than any other, and we like to keep up. This is why our team is involved in training and refresher courses, as well as dedicated events: all innovation is interesting and stimulating. 

Flexibility: discovering talent beyond your microcosm

We believe it is vital never to limit our culture and knowledge to our own sector of operation. This is why we work best, and hand-in-hand, with customers in various lines of business, both on local and international levels. Everyone always has something to learn and this is especially true for us!

Working to live, not living to work

Work quality is closely correlated not only with the environment in which we spend our time every day, but also with the importance we attribute to the company’s human dimension and team. This is why Naxa offers a friendly and informal setting, with manageable working times. 

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