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Who We Are
We are born in 2007 as SEO Agency, but we evolve rapidly. Now we are a proactive Digital Marketing Agency, capable of responding in a lean and efficient way to the demands of a changing market. Our smart and versatile solutions have contributed to the success of companies regardless the sector or dimension. For us, change means to evolve. And evolving is equivalent to improve, both as interlocutors and partners for all our customers. With the look towards the future, we’re exponentially growing. Curiosity leads us in exploring all new opportunities the Web offers, day after day. We have no preconceptions but only enthusiasm for anything innovative. We are innovative in anything we do: in listening methods, in solutions, in tools, in strategies. Our technological approach, modern, versatile and flexible makes us the best partners of the little ones who want to compete with the big ones, and the interlocutor of the great ones they want to stay on the top. We are people who listen to ideas and turn them into digital strategies.
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We want to build an environment to live and work with a great motivation, an emotionally involved environment where ideas can blossom and grow. Smart roles and procedures in a fluid context, where responsibility, efficiency and strategy can coexist. A casual and fun atmosphere is an inexhaustible source of energy.

It’s not hard to believe in something.


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Continuous improvement first. Then, curiosity that pushes us to explore new digital opportunities with enthusiasm.

More than 20 high-level professionals work in Naxa. Our various competences makes us able to deliver smart and tailored solutions to our customers.



Our agile approach allows us to work well with any type of business. We are absolutely confident with the most modern and smartest digital solution.
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